How Long is Shipping?

Shipping on Wig Units are Usually Within 5-7 Business days depending on the volume.

Will The Hair Products grow my hair?

YES. Please be patient with the products. Growth isn't magical and requires some TLC. The ingredients in our hair products promote growth. Growth Oil will rapidly speed up rapidly.

Is your Hair Good?

Our hair is excellent. We wear it to ensure the quality is upkept and consistent. Hair should be treated with care. We recommend shampooing and deep-conditioning hair weekly or biweekly. Use essential oils to keep hair moisturized regularly and heat protectant to protect from heat damage.


How are your units made and how long will they last?

Units are made by sewing machine. Some units are pre-constructed by our vendor. Units will last 2-3 years with proper care from our Silver Collection. Platinum Collection last 1-2 years longer. Each unit will specify the circumference and can be ordered by your exact measurements to ensure a secure fit.


How do I order Custom Unit?

You're able to order your custom units by email @thehottesthair@gmail.com.

We recommend measurements and will send measurement requirements after your payment has been received.


Will Hair Shed?

I don't make the hair and can't prevent it from very little shedding. We recommend sealing weft for an added level of security. We haven't had shedding complaints and customers continue to purchase multiple times.

How Long Will it take to receive my hair products?

Hair products are shipped within 3-5 days via priority shipping.