About Us

The Hottest Hair takes pride in helping customers achieve The Hottest Hair. Hair is its Hottest when its Healthy and Growing. Weave CANNOT grow, but it still can be healthy. Each Custom Wig Unit is Shampooed Before Shipping and Styling to take the work off of your hand.

Our PRE MADE custom units have measurements to ensure you have a secure fit. Be sure to read description before purchasing and include any specifications at time of checkout. If possible, Please have head measurements if you choose.


Your natural hair can be healthy if you don't have a stylist. Get our Amazing products and consult a Professional for an end trim to speed up your growth. We have the best ingredients for natural and chemically treated hair in our products. 


We offer 2 kinds of hair. Both are 100% Virgin Hair Cut from the donor's head. The Silver Collection which is 10A hair and the Platinum Collection is 100% Raw Hair. These are the top 2 qualities of Brazilian hair in the market. With Proper Care and Maintenance, This Hair will last a few years. Virgin hair is expensive and is not to be neglected. Treat your bundles and units as you would treat natural hair. The curly hair is more maintenance due to it being steamed to keep its curl pattern after shampoo and conditioning. 

Our hair is top quality and tested by the bundles before sold including the bundles used on our wigs.


We looking forward to being your NUMBER 1 source for Majority or ALL OF YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS!